The Aging Brain

Watch Dr.Brynn Winegard on the Advantages of an Aging Brain in the Workforce


The Aging Brain in the Workforce

The Aging Brain 

This presentation explores how the brain changes over the course of a life and career; how brains are different later in life; the changes that lead to friction/lack of understanding between older and younger workers; what to do to slow the neural aging process, and common cognitive errors and pitfalls of aging brains and managers. Dr. Winegard offers up a primer on the neuro-cognitive changes to expect during semi-and full-retirement.


The Aging Brain in the Marketplace

The Aging Brain in the Marketplace

Aging affects perception of commercial messages and consumption behavior: turning products into profits requires better understanding of the brain. As brains age they have: a deeper intuitive understanding of things, more specific knowledge, poorer short-term memory, pro-social consumption agendas, receptivity to emotional pleas, among many other new realities. This presentation provides the audience with an overview of the aging brain and how it affects consumers’ perceptions and activities in the marketplace. Dr. Winegard shares insights for marketers and retailers on how they can most effectively use this knowledge to tailor their marketing to an aging Global population.

Listen to Dr. Winegard on the Aging Brain in the Marketplace on CBC Radio 1

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